What Is Google Assistant and How It’s Use

What Is Google Assistant and How It’s Use

It is safe to say that we are in the midst of a smart assistant revolution. Since Apple first introduced the Smart Assistant series in the spring of 2011.

competitors such as Microsoft .ft, Amazon and Google have claimed their own virtual assistants.

The latest evolution of smart assistant Google, originally launched in 2012 with Google.
For most Android phones, as well as Google Home devices, Google Assistant allows users to use both voice and text commands.

The text appears as soon as you start speaking into the application. Once you get used to this app,

મેજીક જોવા માટે નીચેની ઈમેજ પર ક્લિક કરો 

તમે પણ તમારા નામનું આવું એનિમેશન વિશ બનાવી શકો છો

you can use it to create and share long texts and articles on social media platform and messaging application

Google Assistant features
– Unlock your pixel
– Open apps with your voice
– Get instructions for vacation spots
– Search for images
– Screen your phone calls
– Translate between languages
– Assign reminders

Download Application

– Tell a story
– Assign a new language or dialect
– Use your camera to identify your surroundings
– Interpreter mode
– Record stories with my stories
– Send a text message
– See what adds items
– Set kitchen timer
– Find a loan

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