Some Things About SICO - A Battel Royal Game

Some Things About SICO - A Battel Royal Game

Some Things About SICO - A Battel Royal Game  

Indic Arena is going to launch its new game SICO. Its teller has also come long ago. It was a very good trailer. It is going to be a Shooter, Battle Royal and multiplayer game.

That means you can play it with friends. You are going to get it for free at play store. Its pre register has also started. So you can go and register it for free now.

There have been 2 trailers for this game so far. One trailer is cinematic based and the other is game play based. Its cinematic trailer clearly shows that you will also get a campaign mode in it. 

If you do not want to play with your friend and if you want to play solo then you can play it and it also has Battle Level Mode.

Its a game play based trailer. It clearly tells us that it is going to be an Indian culture based game.



It has four maps. Three of these maps have been purchased by the company and the fourth map is the one they have created themselves. But that too has been created by taking some parts from those three maps.

The first map is Ware House. It is living in an indoor environment. This map is going to be very much liked by PUBG lovers. It is not as big as other maps. But you will find many objects in it.

Second Map Name VANAM. By its name, we know that this map is going to be forest based. The developer has designed it himself. Some special objects have not been inserted in it. 

This is a simple map. Where there will be a pond in the middle and there will be a forest around. A wooden pool has also been added to it. 

The developers also shared an image by posting it on their Twitter handle. In that image, we got to see that our character would also be able to go into the water.

The third map is named MANDAPA. This is a very interesting map. From this map, we get to know clearly that this is going to be an Indian culture based game. They have purchased this map. 

This map has also been used by other game developers. If there is multiplayer mode in SICO, then we will definitely get to see this map.

The fourth map is named PARVATA. By its name, we know that we are going to see the scene of the mountain in it. They have not been inspired from the real location. Which is great for us as well as for the game.

In this, we will get to see multi-player FPS. As we can see in games like Call of Duty and Pub G Mobile. That is, it is going to be a first person shooter game. 

If I talk according to its trailer, we can also see multiplayer TPS mode in it. Different types of weapons will also be provided to you. Its bullet sounds are also very good. There is also SCORE STREAKS. Currently only air drop SCORE STREAK is shown.

Talk about its release date, so no official announcement has been made. But its pre registration is running on the play store. So it may be possible to see it in the coming one or two months.

Whether or not this game will be better than the FAUG game, it can now be known only after the launch of this game. We cannot say anything without playing this game.


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