How to become God in Free Fire | Top 5 Tips for Pro in Free Fire

How to become God in Free Fire | Top 5 Tips for Pro in Free Fire

How to become God in Free Fire | Top 5 Tips for Pro in Free Fire 

Nowadays after PUBG is ben, the number of players who play free fire has increased a lot, whoever plays free fire thinks that he should become a pro player and if you die with landing then you are a nub player. 

So I will tell you a few things that if you follow, you can become a God level player.

To become a God level or pro player, you only need practice here and as you play more and more free fires, then slowly practice becomes and you become a good player. Here are some things for you I will tell you to follow and practice in it and you can become a very good free fire player. I can tell you here with the claim that what I will tell you today will be very helpful for you.

To become a God level player, you have to keep these few things in mind.

⚫ Be Your Own IGL (In Game Leader)

So friends here IGL means In Game Leader. Have a squad leader in every game. So you have to go to him and say that today I want to be a squad leader.

This will bring a little pressure on you. You will feel like I have to handle all this squad, I have to lead it, then you will feel a little pressure that if I take some wrong steps people will tell me bad and You will try to play a little better.

You will have to guide all the people, which person will go from which side and what should they do with your intelligence. This will increase your IQ level, increase your gaming skills and will help you in taking a quick decision. You will be able to quickly decide how I have to fool the front man and kill him.

There is not only one leader in the squad, if you want to be, then you can be. You will benefit greatly from this, your gaming skills will increase and you will also get confidence and help you become a good player, I hope it will be helpful for you.



Everyone plays well in this squad. But if you play Solo Versus Squad, then you will have confidence from inside that you can kill three to four men alone. If everyone died in your squad and you are left alone, then there will be a confidence in you that I have played the Solo Verses Squad.

So I can beat all of them comfortably, friend, this will increase your IQ level and you will become a good player.

But when you do this first, then you will kill one person first and then you will kill two people in the second, then in the future you will kill more people and you will become a God level player.

What Happens in Solo Verses Squad. If you play for the first time you will probably die. What will happen with this ? You are not dying in real, you are only dying in the game. So never be afraid to play Solo vs Squad. This will be your practice and you will be able to kill a lot of people at once and a time will come that you can also kill the whole squad alone.

Sometimes it happens that when you are alone, many of your squad members start to guide you. Brother, you play like this, brother, you play like this. But you do not have to listen to them. You have to kill the band with your understanding. If he speaks more. So you just have to turn off your mic and play your way.

Playing Solo Versus Squad will increase your IQ level, improve your skills and you will have good practice and you will become a good player because practice makes man perfect. You can become a perfect player only by practice. So let's move to our third point.

⚫ Muscle memory

All the controls in your game. You have to watch them repeatedly while playing the game, which button do you have to press? But you should not need to look.

It should fit in your memory that at which time you should press which button, only your attention should be on the screen and your fingers should press the button on their own.

This will give you time to take your decision, save your time and do not distract your attention, then you will be able to play the game well and you will be able to decide what I have to do. This will only happen when you practice a lot and it will only be through practice.


You have to try to play close rance fight as much as possible. Because when you are away from your anime friend, you will take cover and kill it. Which will not improve your skills.

If you want to improve your skill, then it is very important to play a close range fight. Suppose you play a close range fight and the person in front of you attacks you and damages you. So you will try to stop him by throwing Gloo Wall and you will turn around and kill him. This will improve your skills and you will be able to read the mind of anime. So that you will know what the person will do next.

I have seen many times that newcomers who are afraid of playing close range fight. So you don't have to be afraid.

If you play close range fight for the first time then you will die in one game, you will die in the second game, you will die in the third game, as if you will die in 20 to 30 games but this will improve your skills. So you will learn to throw the glue wall and you will also learn to defend slowly, as well as what the front man will do, you will start to know and you will gradually become a pro player in the close range fight.


I have seen many times, some people that when they have a lot of guns, they roam in the open and when they see a person, they start firing on them. But the person who is in front has a cover, then he takes the cover and kills the person walking in the open comfortably. So you don't have to do that. You have to take cover first and kill the front man. You do not have to roam in the open like this.

If you do this, then the front man will damage you by taking cover and you will put a glue wall. Nothing will happen, it will break the glue walls slowly and kill you.

If you have a glue wall. So you have to use it to go to the cover and as soon as the person damages you, you have to put a glue wall. Then when you feel that the person is doing nothing now then you have to move a bit and go to the cover around you. If he damages you again, you have to put glue wall again. By doing this you have to go to the cover and then go to the cover and kill it.

This will keep you in the game for a long time and you will become a good and pro player.

So Guys, I gave you 5 tips here, if you want more tips, you can comment in the comment box or email me, then I will also upload more tips on my blog.

So I hope that you have liked this tips and the tips for you must have been helpful.


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